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Home Storage Tank Chemical Storage Tank Sst Water Tank for RO Water Filter Set
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Sst Water Tank for RO Water Filter Set
  • Sst Water Tank for RO Water Filter Set

Sst Water Tank for RO Water Filter Set

USD 25.00 / piece
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Product Description


RO system with 5 stages

First stage: PP Spun 5 micron

Second stage: UDF filter ( actived carbon granular) 5 micron

Third stage: CTO filter 5 micron

Forth stage: RO membrane

Fifth stage: T33 actived carbon

Purified water capacity: 200GPD(756L)/Day or 300 GPD or 400 GPD

Type of flushin:automatic flushing solenlid with flow restrctor

Filter housing/Faucet:optional

Connector:common connector

Reverse osmosis membrane 200GPD


Booster pump: 24vdc transformenr 110v/220v-24VDC

Single unit package dimension:44*25*85CM

Tank size:42*42*55CM

Sst Water Tank for RO Water Filter Set

Sst Water Tank for RO Water Filter Set
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Sst Water Tank for RO Water Filter Set
Company Profile

With over 20 years of experience, Pure Industrial Co. Ltd. Is dedicated to making and supplying the highest quality and series of water treatment and relative products at the lowest possible cost.

Apart from offering various value-added after sales service, we offer the most recognizable and reliable product completely focused in line of design, exploitation and production. In order to maintain our world-class service, we are more than happy to provide customized services in accordance with individual customer requirements. Appropriately, our goal is to maximize your satisfaction by making your purchase experience transparent and pain free.

So far, the sales network spread to the Europe and the United States. However, we are looking forward to establishing mutual beneficial partnerships with colleagues and clients worldwide. Inquiries are always welcomed regarding products, terms and quotes.

PURE INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. A professionally, technologically manufacturer and trader, carrying out activities in the line of water treatment.

We have been managing to quickly and aggressively deliver the products abroad with its emphasis on quality control and customer satisfaction. Our Products have earned an industry-wide reputation for high quality and superior performance. Being a mold designer and manufacturer of the commercial and industrial water treatment parts, PURE provides both standard and customized designs in a large range of different line., including pretreatment and post-treatment equipments.

Our product includes the Domestic RO Water System, the Middle-size Commercial RO water system, the UF water filter, the relevant components, Refrigeration Filters, the Sanitary Shower Filter series, Water Filter Polypropylene Cores, Stainless Steel Cores, and End Adapter Fittings with FDA Approval.

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