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Water Filter/RO Treatent/Water Tank
  • Water Filter/RO Treatent/Water Tank

Water Filter/RO Treatent/Water Tank

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Product Description

Water Filter/RO Treatent/Water Tank
Water purification machine/water treatment machine/water cleanning machine/RO machine

Capacity: 3, 000L/hr


RO system is widely used in pparation of water for beverage industry, which features adaptable of different salt content of water, easy operation, less labor force and low running cost.

Water purification machine/water treatment machine/water cleanning machine/RO machine
1. Pre-treatment System.
Pre-treatment system is composed of mechanical filter, active carbon filter, scale inhibitor and pcision filter. The water temperature requires 25± 30C.

Flocculator is used for destroying electro-neutral of colloid in water, which ensures raw water can reach to the requirement of Silt Density Index (SDI) ≤ 4. Mechanical filter can remove most of suspension, colloid and grain impurity, which can ensure initial purification of water.

If some of raw water comes from tap water, chlorine content maybe is higher. Low-pssure compound RO membrane has strict limitation to chlorine and organism, which must be ≤ 0.1mg/1.

Because calcium and magnesium content in raw water is very high, and RO salt-removing rate is about 97%, which may cause deposit of calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, bitter salt, etc. On concentrated water side. Deposit adhered on RO membrane surface and may block passage of components and causes pssure difference increase, water output decrease and salt-removing rate decrease, which influence normal running and usage span of RO. So before pcision filter, Scale Inhibitor is equipped to protect and avoids impurity on RO concentrated water side.

2. RO System
RO system is composed of high-pssure pump, RO system and chemical cleaning device.

During running, RO membrane may form some deposit and chemical cleaning device is equipped for periodical cleaning to ensure stable running of RO system. This system configures with Dow's membrane compounds and Grundfos high-pssure pump.

High-pssure pump is the power source of RO system. To RO system on sound running condition, high-pssure pump equips inlet/outlet pssure switch. When inlet pssure is less than set value (water lack P≤ 0.05Mpa) or outlet pssure is higher than set value, pssure switch send signal to PLC programming system and high-pssure pump and RO system will stop in avoidance of destroying to RO membrane because of water pssure.

RO system pssure control and automatic cleaning are controlled by PLC. RO system can wash surface of RO membrane by low-pssure timely and periodically.

Water purification machine/water treatment machine/water cleanning machine/RO machine
No. Name / SpecificationUnitQty.
1Raw Water Tankunit1
2Raw Water Pumpunit1
3Mechanical Filterunit1
4Active Carbon Filterunit1
5Softener / Scale Inhibitorset1
6Precision Filterunit1
7High Pressure Pumpunit1
8RO System
9Pure Water Tankunit1
10Pure Water Pumpunit1
11UV Sterilizerunit1
12Micro-hole Filterunit1
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Water Filter/RO Treatent/Water Tank
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Sunswell leads the market in the field of machinery and process technology for liquid packaging.

- the wide range of liquid packaging plant machinery

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- worldwide presence

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The Sunswell product range covers all types of machinery for packaging of liquid including water, tea, juice, carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, alcoholic drinks, beer, edible oil, dairy products, etc.

Leadership in quality and technology from raw material to bottled liquid to recycled plastic chips - Sunswell, A-Z turnkey plant supplier, is known for developing innovative high-end products and new technologies.

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