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Home Truck Concrete Pump Truck Sany 37m Concrete Pump Trucks (SYG5260THB)
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Sany 37m Concrete Pump Trucks (SYG5260THB)
  • Sany 37m Concrete Pump Trucks (SYG5260THB)

Sany 37m Concrete Pump Trucks (SYG5260THB)

USD 210000.00 / piece
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Product Description

Sany 37M Concrete Pump Trucks(SYG5260THB)

4 sections R form Boom;
X outrigger, easy and fast operation OSS function;
High performance SYMC control unit and fine definition SYLD display;
Automatic retraction of concrete piston, easy replacement and maintenance friendly;
Electro-hydraulic buffer, differential pssure induction, open loop hydraulic system, low operation temperature; Less impact and high reliability.
Dead weight27640kg29200kg

Sany 37m Co<em></em>ncrete Pump Trucks (SYG5260THB)
Sany 37m Co<em></em>ncrete Pump Trucks (SYG5260THB)

Sany 37m Co<em></em>ncrete Pump Trucks (SYG5260THB)Sany 37m Co<em></em>ncrete Pump Trucks (SYG5260THB)Sany 37m Co<em></em>ncrete Pump Trucks (SYG5260THB)Sany 37m Co<em></em>ncrete Pump Trucks (SYG5260THB)
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Sany 37m Concrete Pump Trucks (SYG5260THB)
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Oriemac Machinery & Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a top package equipment solution provider in Shanghai, China, especially for construction machinery, heavy industrial equipment and vehicle. We are always committed to offer our customers high quality products with reliable performance, competitive price and comprehensive services, to ensure every engineering project to be run smoothly and on schedule. With over 8 years experience in the field of engineering industry and accompanying to fulfill strictly ISO 9001: 2008 standard, Oriemac had established and have been consistently keeping good business relationship with many general contractors, civil engineering companies and construction companies throughout the world. We participated as package equipment provider previously include airport projects in Africa, power plant projects in Middle East, dredging projects in South America, highway projects in Oceania, rural and municipal road projects in Southeast Asia, and we are still achieving more and more projects at present.

To provide reliable products with quick delivery time, to make prompt reaction for spare parts and after-sales services, to visit the users field regularly for local training and maintenance, Oriemac has been often praised by our customers and has taken great reputation as a trustworthy partner.

Oriemac believe in combining our own achievement together with our customer benefits. Open communication, effective planning and elaborative preparation always commit us to execute and deliver our promises for our customers.

Oriemac, industrial powers for your projects!

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