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Mobile Cement Mixer /Concrete mixer truck
  • Mobile Cement Mixer /Concrete mixer truck
  • Mobile Cement Mixer /Concrete mixer truck
  • Mobile Cement Mixer /Concrete mixer truck

Mobile Cement Mixer /Concrete mixer truck

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Product Description

Mobile Cement Mixer /Concrete Mixer truck

dongfeng truck 

1. Introduction


Zhengzhou Dongfeng Mid-South Enterprise Co., Ltd was founded in South Africa in 2003, Dongfeng Group, specializes in vehicles and machinery export Business critical enterprise. Our main business covers Dongfeng commercial vehicle, passenger car products, automobile equipment and auto parts export. Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, Eastern Europe and many other countries.


We export commercial vehicles cover all series of Dongfeng Brand.


Dump Truck Series


Cargo Truck Series


Tractor Series


Special Purpose Vehicles


Military Vehicle Series


Passenger Vehicles Series



2. Feature 


The cab: Dongfeng tractor adopt luxurious cab with the comfortable shock-free driving seat, the electric controlled glass and the central lock device, this guarantee the driving comfortability; At the same time, the knee shield guard improve the security of the driver and the passengers. This cab also bring down the drag coefficient to reduce the fuel consumption.


The engine: The tractors used Cummins engine which provide excellent gradeability, strong horsepower and bring down the oil consumption, reduce the operating cost for client.


The chassis: The Dongfeng chassis make the tractors have big ground clearance and excellent trafficability and adaptability to various vile roads.


The gearbox: The Fast Brand gearbox adopt serration processing technology to lower the noise and vibration and increase the reliability.



3. Specification


Warranty Period: 6 months(calculating from the date the vehicle arrives at the destination port) or 30,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

Drive mode 6×4
Engine Model Cummins L375 30
Type    6-cylinder in line, with strong cooling and hinged piston, can withstand extremely high mechanical and thermal loads
Max. power(Kw/rpm) 276/2200
Max. torque(N.m/rpm) 1480/1400
Displacement(ml) 8900
Type of fuel Diesel
Compression ratio (16.6±0.5):1
Cab D310-S1 single berth
Gearbox Model FAST RT-11509C 
Max.torque(N.m) 1500
Clutch Φ430mm diaphragm spring clutch
frame                            Height×Width× Thickness(mm) 300×90×(8+6) 
frame width 940 (front ), frame width 810 ( rear )
Tyre Size 315/80R 22.5
Air conditioner A/C
Dimensions Overall dimension (mm) 8940×2500×3930
Wheel base (mm) 3800+1350
Front/Rear tread(mm) 1986/1860
Appr./Depa. angel (°) 30/18
Min. ground cleanrance(mm) 250
Mass Payload(Kg) 11870
Curb weight(Kg) 13000
G.V.W(Kg) 25000
Performance Max. speed(Km/h) 80
Max. gradeability(%) 40
Min. turning diameter(m) 23
Fuel consumption(L/100Km) 36
Special function Mixing capacity(m³) 8
Angel of inclination of mixing drum(°) 13
Geometric volume(m³) 14.3
Filling ratio(%) 58
Feeding speed(m³/min) ≥3
Discharge speed(m³/min) ≥2
Residual ratio(%) <0.8
Collapsed degree range(mm) 40-230
Hydraulic pump MA4VG90, Italy
Hydraulic motor MF090W, Italy
Decelerator 577L3131AX1A, Italy
Drive mode 6×4
Engine Model L340 30

 6-cylinder in line, turbocharging and inter cooling, 

mechanical injection pump, bulit-in EGR

Max. power(Kw/rpm) 250/2200
Max. torque(N.m/rpm) 1350/1400
Displacement(ml) 8900
Type of fuel Diesel
Compression ratio (16.6±0.5):1
Cab D310-S1 single berth
Gearbox Model 9JS150T-B
Max.torque(N.m) 1500
Clutch Φ430mm diaphragm spring clutch

frame                           Height×Width× Thickness


frame width 940 (front ), frame width 810 ( rear )
Tyre Size 11.00-20
Air conditioner A/C
Dimensions Overall dimension (mm) 8940×2500×3930
Wheel base (mm) 3800+1350
Front/Rear tread(mm) 1986/1860
Appr./Depa. angel (°) 30/18
Min. ground cleanrance(mm) 250



4. Pictures

Mobile Cement Mixer /Co<em></em>ncrete mixer truck

Mobile Cement Mixer /Co<em></em>ncrete mixer truck

Mobile Cement Mixer /Co<em></em>ncrete mixer truck

Mobile Cement Mixer /Co<em></em>ncrete mixer truck

Mobile Cement Mixer /Co<em></em>ncrete mixer truck

Mobile Cement Mixer /Co<em></em>ncrete mixer truck

Mobile Cement Mixer /Co<em></em>ncrete mixer truck


5. Other Concrete Mixer Truck Picture:

Mobile Cement Mixer /Co<em></em>ncrete mixer truck

Product Image

Mobile Cement Mixer /Concrete mixer truckMobile Cement Mixer /Concrete mixer truckMobile Cement Mixer /Concrete mixer truck
Company Profile

Founded in 2013, Zhengzhou Dongfeng Mid-South Enterprise Co., Ltd, specializes of international export business for commercial & passenger vehicles, construction and agriculture machinery, spare parts and so on.

We focus on manufacturing different kinds of new trucks,coach buses,http://www.cn-dfm.com/,farming machinery,maning equipment.etc

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