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4X2 Dongfeng 3m3 Oil Tanker Trucks
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 3m3 Oil Tanker Trucks

4X2 Dongfeng 3m3 Oil Tanker Trucks

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Product Description

Fuel tank truck: according to the different types of transport medium, configuration and different places called, there are many different titles, such as tank car, tank truck, oil truck, oil supply car, oil puller, flow refueling car, tax control refueling car, computer tanker, diesel transporter, gasoline transporter, coal tar carrier, Lubricating oil transporters, edible oil transport vehicles, crude oil transporters, heavy oil transporters, oil tanker and so on.

All the tank trucks can be designed as chemical vehicles, all kinds of heating and insulation tanks; all the tank cars can be equipped with computer tankers; wide range of tonnage selection to meet the user's needs; the tank has multiple anti wave baffles. High pressure gas leakage test is used to make the tank body with high strength, stable center of gravity and safe and stable transportation of vehicles.

The advantage of 4X2 DongFeng 3m3 oil tank truck

1. DonGFENG Chassis, with advanced technology and reliable performance.
2, Two options, elliptical or circular rectangular structure, through three-dimensional design, the use of advanced processing technology to complete.
3. The tank body is made of high quality carbon structural steel plate rolled and welded. The standard ends are used at both ends, and the optimized variable cross-section longitudinal beams are below the tank body.
4. The series of oil trucks are used by the company's mature Semi Trailer technology, choose the full bearing, half bearing and other structures, and add the pipeline system and pipe box to the outside of the tank. It is suitable for the transportation of large and medium tonnage oil.

The specification of 4X2 DongFeng 3m3 Oil Tank Truck


Item No.


Overall Dimension


Gross Vehicle Weight


Curb weight

3670 kg

Loading Weight

2350 kg

Wheel base

2800 mm

Overhang (front/rear)

10132 /1228 mm





Changchai 4B22TCI

Engine horsepower

75 HP Euro III





Max Driving Speed



4-cylinder in-line with water cooling



Tank Capacity

3 cubic meters

Tank Material

Q235 High Tension Steel, 6mm Thick Carbon Steel, Ball Valve for gravity

discharging,Emergency Cut Off valve.Customized Tank Color, Can also

Paint Customer's Logo or Advertisement on Tank


Product Image

4X2 Dongfeng 3m3 Oil Tanker Trucks
Company Profile

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is a core enterprise of CLW Group, China government designated large-scale manufacturer for various types of special vehicles. Chengli is located in southern suburbs of Zengdu District, Suizhou City, Hubei Province. Factory Panorama VR
The company Chengli own totally own 20 billion RMB assets, covers an area of more than 2,000 acres, more than 10,000 employees, including more than 500 technicians, more than 2,000 skilled workers, annual production capacity of 100,000 special vehicles (trucks). The company has signed cooperation agreements with universities and colleges such as Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Technology and Wuhan University of Science and Technology. Through professional technical training, Chengli exports more than 500 auto talents to truck industry every year. It is a truly incubating and encouraging enterprise in the domestic auto industry. 
As a large-scale automobile manufacturing group with “China Famous Brand”, “Hubei Famous Brand”, “National High-tech Enterprise” and “China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises”, Chengli shoulders the major mission of promoting the development of China’s special vehicles. Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. holds an important share in the domestic and international markets. Its leading products include, Water Sprinkler Truck, Garbage Trucks, Sewage Trucks, Sweeper Truck, LPG Tank Truck Series, Fuel and Chemical Liquid Tank Truck, Wrecker Truck, Aerial  Platform Truck, Fire Truck, Truck Crane, Refrigerated Van Truck, Road Maintenance Vehicles, Flatbed trucks, Bulk Grain Truck, Bulk Cement Transport Truck, Beekeeping Truck, LED & Stage Truck, Mobile Food Truck, Concrete Mixer Truck, Cement Pump Trucks, Medicine Transport Truck and other series of more than 800 types. Chengli is a professional leading company with the largest product variety, the most complete production qualification, first-class production equipment, and the most complete detection means in the same industry in China. Among all of Chengli’s product, Water Sprinkler Truck ranked Top 1 in past 4 years, Sanitation Truck ranked  Top 1 in past 3 years, Refrigerated Truck ranked Top 10 in past 5 years.
The company now has more than 2,000 large-scale production equipments, more than 200 sets of testing equipment, some of which are in the leading domestic and international production lines and production lines.
In Special Vehicle Industry, Chengli passed: ISO9001-2008 Quality Management Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, 3C Compulsory Certification, GJB9001B-2009 National Army Certification and Confidentiality Certification (National Level 3), Automotive Energy conservation and environmental protection certification, car exemption certification, American Society of Mechanical Engineers () certification, the EU agreement ADR certification. The qualifications for obtaining special vehicle production licenses include: A2, C2, C3 Pressure Vessels, Truck Cranes, Fire Truck, and national weapons and equipment scientific research and production qualifications. The company has more than 100 independent innovation products obtained national patents, including “Vehicle-type Sewage Purification Equipment”, “Air Supply & Illumination Fire Truck” and other products obtaining Third Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress, there are more than 840 CLW brand products enlisted in the Country Announcement Directory.
Chengli acquired the passenger car production qualification through the acquisition of “Hubei Dali Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” School buses, Buses and New Energy Buses are acquiring more market share. The company’s newly developed of Pure Electric Sprinkler, Pure Electric Sanitation Truck products have been on the market with good user feedback. The company’s group company, Chengli Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., is preparing to produce a large number of natural gas and hybrid trucks.
Chengli is the Hubei Province Government identified the auto and auto parts export base, Hubei province special vehicle modification emergency protection mobilization center. It is the supplier of military material, which recognized by the National Economic Mobilization Office, the Military Materials Supply & Materials Department.
Chengli’s products sell well in 29 provinces and cities, exported to overseas customers including East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Malawi), West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Togo, Benin, Niger), South America (Peru, Bolivia, Panama and Chile), Asia Market (Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cambodia and Vietnam) etc. Chengli actively attending different kinds of exhibitions, such as LPG Summit Tanzania,  Bauma CHINA, 4th Aisa LPG Summit Bangladesh, ITIF Asia 2018 in Pakistan, etc.
The company has successively been rated as AAA enterprise by Chinese Financial Institutions, and has been awarded the “Contract-Reliable Enterprise” by the Hubei Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce. The Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province has been awarded the “Enterprise with Potential for Development” and the “National High-tech Enterprise”; the Party Committee of the company has been Hubei Province. The Provincial Party Committee Organization Department awarded as “the province’s non-public-owned enterprises, the top 100 best party organizations,” and Hubei Provincial Party committee and provincial government awarded the “excellent private enterprises in Hubei Province”. CLW brand won the well-known trademarks in Hubei Province and well-known trademarks in China.
CLW Group Well-know in China, certainly will be Well-know in the world.

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