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Air Compressor Powder Tank Cement Truck
  • Air Compressor Powder Tank Cement Truck

Air Compressor Powder Tank Cement Truck

USD 23000.00 / piece
Minimum Order:
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Product Description

1. Advantage:
Diesel Engine and air compssor installed on the trailer;
Mostly V type;
German type axle and suspension optional;
Volume optional.

2. Specifications

Bulk cement tank semi-trailer

Dimension (mm)
Overall dimension: 11x2.5x3.5 m
King pin: size of 2''
King pin height: 1350.
King pin distance from front: 900.

45CBM, to transport the bulk cement 50T.

Main beam: height of 500mm, material of Q345B, welded by automatic submerged-arc processes.
Constructed of original main beams electrically welded with corresponding extra strong cross members, material of Q345B.

Tank body
Q235 steel material, and thickness of 6mm, one compartment with volume 45CBM.

13T type, with single tyre formation.
3 sets.

Independent stamping steel rigid suspension, with a set of tri-axle leaf springs.
US type.

Tyre & wheel rim
Tyre size: 12R22.5, Triangle brand, 12 pcs per trailer.
Wheel size: 9.0*22.5,12 pcs per trailer, assembled with tyres.

Landing gear
Heavy duty landing gear.

Brake System
Dual line air brake system.
T30/30 type brake chambers on each axle

Sand Blasting before painting, one coat of primer then two coats.

Long member beams be CO2 Arc welded by 80% penetration on external side and head.

Electric system
24V Electrical wiring & Lightings system, LED lights.

Accessories and Fittings
1. 1set of spare tyre.
2. diesel engine and air compssor optional for the trailer.

Air Compssor Powder Tank Cement Truck
3. Functions
1. This series bulk powder/cement material tank Semi Trailer is tank-style designed, is suitable for the transportation of liquid products, bulk materials, and bulk cement.
2. The volume varies widely from 10 cube meters to 70 cube meters, we can manufacture it according to your needs.
3. The axles can be Fuwa / Bpw with different tonnages by your need with price differences.
4. The suspensions can be: Air suspension, mechanic (leaf spring suspension), bogie suspension, etc.
5. The tanker inside can be isolated compartments or single compartment by your needs.
6. The tanker shape can be round or V shape.
7. The tanker body materials can be Q235B carbon steel.

4. Shipping terms
A. By bulk cargo ship;
B. By ro-ro ship.
Air Compssor Powder Tank Cement Truck

5. Service
1.3C&ISO Agreement, 1 Year Guarantee Term, Main-beam Lifetime Promise.
2.Small Order Can Be Accepted.
3.Any Color & Logo Available
4.The Product Dimension + Specifications Can Be Designed As Your Needs

6. Contact
Air Compssor Powder Tank Cement Truck
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Air Compressor Powder Tank Cement Truck
Company Profile

Qingdao Phillaya International Trading Co., Ltd, a comprehensive corporation majored in the Technology R&D, Import & Export of semi trailers, tanker semi trailers, special vehicle, engineering mechanic products, tires, and etc.

Phillaya International Co., Ltd, its semi trailer factory located in Heze City, Shandong Province, and the tanker semi trailer factory located in HuangHua City, Hebei Province, and all our factories were authorized and certified by the Chinese Government as the qualified world manufacture for special vehicles.

Our factory has the employee of 1500 in sum, 78 tech workers, 18 advanced engineers...Our manufacturing / production lines are mainly divided into 3 branches: Semi trailer line, tanker semi trailer line, special vehicle line (such as modular trailer, hydraulic dolly trailer, wind-power equipment trailer...), with the manufacturing and quality controlling equipment and devices of more than 300sets, we are the pioneering corporation among the domestic competing industry to stand the ISO9001 & CCC inspection, getting these certificates to promise customers with highest quality we can offer.

Our main products are ordinary semi trailer, container semi trailer (flatbed /skeletal for different dimensions), dump truck trailer, tanker semi trailer, concrete mixer truck, boat hauler semi trailer, hydraulic line semi trailer, modular connection semi trailer, bridge construction / frame beam semi trailer, dolly semi trailer, wind-power equipment transportation semi trailer (extendable or with wind tower fixers), multi-axle hydraulic steering axle semi trailer, 80T-1200T hydraulic line-axle transportation vehicle and project engineering, also the refitting and design on the overseas and domestic special vehicles.

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