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CTO series Carbon Block Cartridge Filters
  • CTO series Carbon Block Cartridge Filters
  • CTO series Carbon Block Cartridge Filters
  • CTO series Carbon Block Cartridge Filters

CTO series Carbon Block Cartridge Filters

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Product Description


CTO Series Extruded Carbon Block Cartridge Filters are made of activated carbon block which is manufactured according to  strictly extruded & controlled engineering processes.Advanced techniques and FDA approved material of the high-quality activated carbon guarantee excellent durability, minimal pressure loss and high flow rate. Carbon block cartridges are highly effective in removing odour, bad taste, chlorine spores and microorganisms in water. Carbon block cartridge filters provide economical solution for a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial water filtration processing.

Filter Media Coal, Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
Length 5", 9.75", 9.8", 10", 20", 30", 40" (According to customers requirements)
Inside Diameter 28mm, 30mm (Special ID can be customized)
Outside Diameter 2.5"(63mm), 2.55"(65mm) Special OD is accepted
Filtration Rating 5μm, 10μm
End Cap Polypropylene
Inner/Outer Wrap Polypropylene Non-woven fabric
Gasket/O-ring Silicone, Buna-N, EPDM
Netting Polyethylene

Drinking Water Chemicals Electronics
PCB industry Food & Beverages Petrochemical
Plating Processes Pre RO/DI Filtration Waste Water Treatment


Operation Data for Carbon Block Cartridge Filters

Maximum Operating Temperature 80℃(176℉)
Max. Differential Pressure 7.0 bar at 25℃ (100 psi at 77℉)
Max.Operation Pressure 17 bar
Recommended Change Out Differential Pressure 2.1 bar (31 psi)
Max. Flow Rate 5 L/min ( water, △P=0.15kgf/c㎡, 10" Carbon Block Cartridge)

Efficiency & Flow Rate 10" CTO Carbon Block Cartridge Filters


Removability to Multifarious Impurities

Remaining chloride Chemical oxygen demand Total iron Oxide Mercury As Cyanide Phenol Sixivalency
93.83% 43.21% 91.88% 67.32% 79.43% 38.51% 99.98% 78.85% 8.77%

Average Adsorption to Poison Substance for 10" Carbon Block Cartridge Filters

Benzne Toluene Methanol Ethoxy Chloroform Acetone Styrene Hyaarogen sulphide

N-butyl sulfhydrate

68g 81g 69g 91g 120g 72g 60g 125g 171g

Technical Index of Activated Carbon

Ratio for surface area 800 - 1000 m²/g
Adsorption for iodine 900-1000 mg/g
Adsorption for Benzene 20-25%
Adsorption for carbon tetrachloride 50-60%
Adsorption for Methylene Bule 13-16ml/g
Ash content ≤3.5

Tech Support
Construction of Carbon Block Cartridge Filters

● Outer layer is polypropylene non-woven fabric to filter the impurities & sludge

● Inner layer has high quality PP non-woven fabric to block carbon powder drop of

● Carbon block cartridges can be made of coal & coconut shell accodring to requirement

● The length size of OD and ID can be manufactured according to customer's requirement

● End cap is made of FDA approved polypropylene material, it is reliably sealing & durable

● A variety of filtration rating to ensure high filtration efficiency of remove residual chlorine

● O-ring can be made of Silicone, Buna-N, EPDM, high temperature resistant & good sealing

Oder Information
CTO Filter Material Length ID OD Micron Rating Gasket/O-ring

CTO Series Extruded

Carbon Block Cartridge Filters

A = Coal 5 = 5" C = 28mm M = 2.5"(63mm) 5 = 5μm S = Silicone
9.75 = 9.75"
9.8 = 9.8"
10 = 10" E = EPDM
B = Coconut Shell 20 = 20" D = 30mm F = 2.55"(65mm) 10 = 10μm
30 = 30" U = Buna
40 = 40"

For Example:


CTO Series Extruded Carbon Block Cartridge Filters - Coconut Shell - 10" - 28mm - 63mm - 10μm - Silicone

Special CTO Series Extruded Carbon Block Cartridge Filters can be customized, such as special ID, OD, length and end caps etc.

Product Image

CTO series Carbon Block Cartridge FiltersCTO series Carbon Block Cartridge FiltersCTO series Carbon Block Cartridge Filters
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Business Range: Industrial Equipment & Components , Manufacturing & Processing Machinery

Management Certification: ISO 9001

Main Products: High Flow Filter Cartridges, High Flow Pleated Filters, PP Melt Blown Filters, Water Filter Cartridges, High Flow Filters, Pleated Filter Cartridges, Carbon Block Filters, String Wound Filters, Water Filter Bags, Filter Housings




Hongtek brand concept: Make Better Filtration! 


Hongtek Filtration Co., Ltd. is famous for high-tech filtration, separation and purification, committed to provide high quality filtration solution to meet worldwide customers various needs with good service, struggle for health, safety and environment friendly sustainable development. 

Since 2000, Hongtek specialize in better filtration solution, supply good quality high flow water filters & housings to a diverse range of customers in water treatment, food & beverage, electronics, oil & chemicals, petrochemical, sea water desalination, power generation industry etc. We are always committed to create more value for customers and engage in win-win business. 

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