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PCF series PP Pleated Cartridge Filters
  • PCF series PP Pleated Cartridge Filters
  • PCF series PP Pleated Cartridge Filters
  • PCF series PP Pleated Cartridge Filters

PCF series PP Pleated Cartridge Filters

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Product Description


PCF Series Nominal PP Pleated Cartridge Filters are made of Polypropylene fiber media. PP pleated cartridge filters provide excellent filtration efficiency and chemical compatibility across a wide range of liquid filtration process applications.

The constitution of nominal PP pleated filter cartridges adopts thermal welding techniques to seal all components, so no side leakage happened, thus optimizing 100% integrity of PP pleated cartridge. PP pleated filter cartridges have large surface area that allows greater system flow rate and higher dirt holding capacity than depth filters. PP pleated cartridges are widely used in prefiltration field requiring high purity.

Filter Media Polypropylene
Length 5", 9.75", 9.8", 10", 20", 30", 40"
Outside Diameter 2.75"(70mm)
Filtration Rating

0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.65μm, 0.8μm, 1μm, 2μm, 3μm, 5μm, 10μm, 20μm, 30μm, 40μm, 50μm, 60μm

Core Polypropylene
Support/Drainage Polypropylene
Gasket/O-ring Silicone, EPDM, Viton, NBR, Teflon encapsulated Viton
End Cap/Cage Polypropylene
End Cap Type DOE, 222/Flat, 222/Fin, 226/Flat, 226/Fin, 215/Flat, 215/Fin

Cosmetics Etchants Oil industry
Chemicals Food & Beverage Medicine Filtering
Semiconductor Prefiltration for RO/DI Paints and Coatings


Operation Data for PCF Series Nominal PP Pleated Cartridge Filters

Maximum Operating Temperature 80℃(176℉)
Max. Differential Pressure 4.8 bar at 20℃ (70 psi at 68℉)
3.4 bar at 50℃ (50 psi at 122℉)
1.4 bar at 80℃ (20 psi at 176℉)
Maximum reverse pressure 40 psid @ 70°F (2.8 bar @ 21°C)
Recommended Change Out Differential Pressure 2.4 bar (35 psid)
Sterilization Temperature Time 121˚C (250˚F) for 30 minutes at 1.0 bar (14 psi)

Pressure Drop Rate for 10" PP Pleated Cartridge Filters


Tech Support

Electron Microscopic Photo of PP Membrane


3D Drawing for PP Pleated Cartridge Filters
Installation -PP-Pleated-Cartridge-Filters.jpg

● Thermal welding techniques ensure PP pleated filter cartridges no side leakage

● Ulti-layers pleated, low pressure drop, high capacity of impurities and long service life

● 100% integrity tested, ineer core and outside cage strengthen capacity of high flow pressure

● Large surface area that allow for high flow rate and higher dirt holding capacity than normal depth filters

Installation Example for PP Pleated Cartridge Filters
Installation -PP-Pleated-Cartridge -Filters.jpg

● Manufactured in continuous lengths up to 40 inches and vrious of filtration ratings

● Wide range of chemical compatibility used in prefiltration fields with high flow rate

● Special PP pleated cartridge filters can be made, such as special length and S.S. inner core

● Various of end caps fit for standard filter housings, easy to install help to save some manpower and time

End Caps of PP Pleated Cartridge Filters


Oder Information
PCF Length Micron Rating End Cap Gasket/O-ring Adders
PCF Series
Nominal PP Pleated Cartridge Filters
5 = 5" 0.1 = 0.1μm A = Double Open End (DOE) S = Silicone

K = Thicker PP Cage

0.22 = 0.22μm
9.75 = 9.75" 0.45 = 0.45μm B = 222/Flat(SOE)
0.65 = 0.65μm E = EPDM
9.8 = 9.8" 0.8 = 0.8μm C = 222/Fin(SOE)
1 = 1μm I = Stainless Steel Insert End Cap
10 = 10" 2 = 2μm D = 226//Flat(SOE) N = NBR
3 = 3μm
20 = 20" 5 = 5μm F = 226/Fin(SOE)
10 = 10μm V = Viton
30 = 30" 20 = 20μm G = 215/Flat(SOE) S = Stainless Steel Core
30 = 30μm
40 =40" 40 = 40μm H = 215/Fin(SOE) T = Teflon Encapsulated Viton
50 = 50μm
60 = 60μm

For Example:


PCF Series Nominal PP Pleated Cartridge Filters - 10" - 1μm - 222/Flat(SOE) - Silicone O-ring

Product Image

PCF series PP Pleated Cartridge FiltersPCF series PP Pleated Cartridge FiltersPCF series PP Pleated Cartridge Filters
Company Profile

Business Info (公司经营范围)

Business Range: Industrial Equipment & Components , Manufacturing & Processing Machinery

Management Certification: ISO 9001

Main Products: High Flow Filter Cartridges, High Flow Pleated Filters, PP Melt Blown Filters, Water Filter Cartridges, High Flow Filters, Pleated Filter Cartridges, Carbon Block Filters, String Wound Filters, Water Filter Bags, Filter Housings




Hongtek brand concept: Make Better Filtration! 


Hongtek Filtration Co., Ltd. is famous for high-tech filtration, separation and purification, committed to provide high quality filtration solution to meet worldwide customers various needs with good service, struggle for health, safety and environment friendly sustainable development. 

Since 2000, Hongtek specialize in better filtration solution, supply good quality high flow water filters & housings to a diverse range of customers in water treatment, food & beverage, electronics, oil & chemicals, petrochemical, sea water desalination, power generation industry etc. We are always committed to create more value for customers and engage in win-win business. 

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