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China T75 ISO LNG tank container
  • China T75 ISO LNG tank container

China T75 ISO LNG tank container

USD 45000.00 / piece
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Product Description

 1. Design standard IMDG-CODE, GB150-98 
 2. Recognized register CCS
 3. Tank shape Column shape - Horizontal
 4. Size 20 Feet - Tank type
 5. Dimension 6058 x 2438 x 2591 mm
 6. Capacity 19800 liters
 7. Loading medium LNG
 8. Tare weight 11050 kg
 9. Payload 22950 kg
 10. Gross weight 34000 kg
  Standard Configuration
 1. Design pressure 2.21 Mpa
 2. Working pressure 1.6 Mpa
 3. Test pressure 1.6 Mpa - Hydraulic pressure test
 4. Gastight test pressure 1.44 Mpa
 5. Vacuum test pressure 0.1 Mpa
 6. Design temperature -196 to 55 celsius
 7. Working temperature -162 to 50 celsius
 8. Corrosion degree 0
 9. Welding joint efficiency 1.0
 10. Radiographic inspection 100% X-RAY
 11. Tank material SA-240 304, SA-516 70, Double layer, 16/6 mm
 12. End enclosure 18/8 mm
 13. Compound manhole DN500
 14. Safety valve DN25
 15. Gas phase valve DN40
 16. Liquid valve DN40
 17. Pressure gage Y100, 1 pc
 18. Thermometer WSS412, 1 pc
 19. Static evaporation

Less than 0.18%/d

 20. Adiabatic form Vacuum multilayer winding adiabatic
 21. Allowable stacking weight 192000 kg
  Optional configurations
 1. Recognized register BV or LR
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China T75 ISO LNG tank container
Company Profile

 Shenzhen Standard Automobile Technical Co., Ltd established in 2012. An enterprise who perfectly combined design, manufacture and business trading. We focus on design and research of special purpose vehicle and container, also supply with customized service.

Shenzhen Standard Automobile Technical Co., Ltd.

Company is located in Shenzhen where is one of China's reform and opening-up city. We own a technical team who has engaged in special purpose vehicle and related transportation equipment for long time and best marketing team. We are mainly in charge with product design, certificate, market and after-sales service. Our manufactory is located in Tangxia Town, Dongguan city, covers an area of 15000 square meters which including 6000 square meters production department, dedicated to produce export-oriented special vehicles and container.

Shenzhen Standard Automobile Technical Co., Ltd.

In addition, we have much cooperation with the management department of China special vehicle industry, research institutes and large factories. We can offer full life-cycle solution from design, production, delivery to after-sales service. And also supply technical support for big customer.

Shenzhen Standard Automobile Technical Co., Ltd.

Our main products including Skeletal Trailer (China/USA type), Flatbed Trailer, Lowbed Trailer, Tank Trailer (liquid/bulk powder/pressure vessel), shipping container and special container ect, totally five series and hundreds of varieties. Besides, we also offer spare parts of trailer and special transport equipment. Company's markets around the world, mainly in South America, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.

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